Top 10 MIUI 9 Themes October 2017

Top 10 MIUI 9 Themes October 2017

Hey MIUIers. How have you been lately? Here is the collection of Monthly Free Themes! In this article I will be sharing 10 Themes October 2017, before that let me give you a detailed overview of MIUI.

MIUI (which stands for Mi User Interface and pronounced “Me You I”, a play on the common abbreviation of the words user interface as UI), developed by Xiaomi, is a stock and aftermarket firmware for smartphones and tablet computers based on the Google Android operating system. MIUI includes various features such as theming support.

Hope you’ll like our collections. Here comes the First one, enjoy!

MIUI 9 Themes October 2017



9Thin UI Light


8ios cellep


7Ha duong Nguyet sac v2


6Delux OS Light


5Phantom 999


4RedMix Light


3Future Technology


2Round Pixel Light




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How to Install Themes on Xiaomi MIUI phones

Step 1: Once you’ve downloaded the MIUI theme in .mtz extension on your computer, copy the same into your device storage or SD card using a standard USB cable.

Step 2: Go to app drawer on your device and launch the Themes app.

Step 3: Under Theme tab, you need to select Offline.

Step 4: Here you’ll see the list of all offline themes that comes pre-installed within your smartphone.

Step 5: Scroll down and tap on Import.

Step 7: Now, access to the appropriate folder, and tap the .mtz theme file which you have saved to device storage.

Step 8: The theme will install and it will be shown along with other offline themes.

Step 9: Select the theme and tap on “Apply”.

That’s it! The new theme will be automatically applied on your device.